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More Banjo Books worth looking at:-

Bill Emerson banjo tabs Bill Emerson, AcuTab transcriptions Vol. I. Gold Plated Banjo (Rebel 1719) & Emerson & Taylor Appaloosa (Webco 0146)
J.D. Crowe banjo tabs J.D. Crowe AcuTab transcriptions   
Joe Mullins banjo tabs Joe Mullins AcuTab transcriptions
Masters Of The 5 String Banjo   Masters Of The 5 String Banjo now back in print
Sammy Shelor banjo tabs  Sammy Shelor AcuTab transcriptions Vol. 1
Sammy Shelor banjo tabs  Sammy Shelor AcuTab transcriptions Vol. 2
Scott Vestal banjo tabs   Scott Vestal AcuTab transcriptions Vol. 1
Scott Vestal banjo tabs,Volume 2 Scott Vestal AcuTab transcriptions Vol. 2
Steve Dilling banjo tabs   Steve Dilling AcuTab transcriptions - IIIrd Tyme Out banjo player
Terry Baucom banjo tabs   Terry Baucom AcuTab transcriptions    
Tony Trischka banjo tabs   Tony Trischka AcuTab transcriptions   
Celtic 5 String   Celtic 5 String - Playing Irish Dance Tunes. Tab in the Single-String Style for the 5-String Banjo by Chris Grotewohl.
Celtic Tunes For 5 String Banjo  An Introduction to Celtic Tunes For The Five String Banjo with Audio CD. By Alan Johnson.    A great new book for 5 stringers who want to pursue Celtic fiddle music. 72 tunes are given in tab in this 89 page book.
Classical Banjo   The Classical Banjo - by John Bullard   
Intro To Jazz Banjo   An Introduction to Jazz Improvisation for the 5 String Banjo, Vol. I   (book & audio CD) by David Crisler   
Jazz Banjo Volume 2   Banjo Chromaticism Vol.2 Of An Introduction To Jazz Improvisation For The 5-String Banjo (book & audio CD) by David Crisler
Key To 5 String Banjo  The Key To Five String Banjo ( with audio CD).  Home Improvisation Workshop by Pat Cloud
Right Hand Man banjo tabs   Tom Adams Right Hand Man tab book
Tom Adams Storm Still Rages tabs  Tom Adams banjo tabs for The Storm Still Rages   
Pete Wernick  AcuTab transcriptions Vol. 1 
Check out Pete's two other tab books.  Dr Banjo Steps Out Banjo Tablature & Dr Banjo Plays Hot Rize
Alan Munde  AcuTab transcriptions Vol. 1  Joe Carr & Alan Munde Windy Days & Dusty Skies (Flying Fish 70644).
Virtual Band Banjo Method  Easy to read  tabs and a CD that goes with each book is fantastic. For full details of banjo and the other instruments check them out
The 5 string Banjo in D Tuning by Andy Glandt Some of you may have seen Andy over here in the UK as he was with  FOX  TOWER  BLUEGRASS  BAND. Check out his site and full details of his book plus lots more.